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Arianna Elizabeth

Hi there! I’m Arianna and I have a huge passion for yoga but an even bigger heart for Jesus. It all started in a small, studio smack dab in the middle of Buckhead. Just me, my mat, and Instagram. After a year of practicing on my own, I mustered up the courage to take my first yoga class, which ended up becoming the first step into an entirely new fitness journey I never saw coming! Long story short, God put it on my heart to take my passion for yoga and incorporate His love in it as well.

Through thoughtfully planned vinyasas and a blend of carefully selected music, I enjoy guiding my students, breath-to-movement, through their individual practices. I design sequences that require minimal demonstration while still maintaining a mental and physical challenge. Modifications and/or variations of each asana are always available as each class is delivered in both English and Sanskrit. Ultimately I strive to allow my students to experience liberation through their practices by offering asanas that build functional, intrinsic strength rather than superficial strength that will be used in their day to day lives.



              Professional Training


200 Hour Power Vinyasa Training                                                                       Buckhead, Georgia

Corepower Yoga                                                                    

August 2017


Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training                                                                        Sandy Springs, Georgia

Corepower Yoga                                                                       November 2018


Teacher Training Extensions                                                                       Sandy Springs, Georgia

Corepower Yoga                                                   December 2019


First Aid/ CPR/ AED Certified                                                                                     Norcross, GA

American Heart Association                                                                                       August 2017


Valdosta State University                                                                                        Valdosta, Ga

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art                                                                           May 2013


Savannah College of Art & Design                                                                        Atlanta, Ga

Current MFA Graduate Student                                                                    March 2019


·         Certified Yoga Teacher | Yoga Alliance Certified

·         Certified Yoga Sculpt Teacher | Yoga Alliance Certified

·         Familiar with yoga philosophy, muscular anatomy and meditation.

·         Ability to develop beginner, intermediate and experienced level sequences. 

·         Ability to modify any area of a class to fit the needs of all students.

·         Ability to balance multiple classes a week

·         Knowledgeable in Sanskrit.

·         Familiar and knowledgeable with prenatal yoga.

·         Knowledgeable in use of hands-on-assisting.

·         Ability to deliver educational, exciting classes leaving students refreshed and empowered.




Yoga Instructor | Tybody Fitness

Atlanta, GA 8/22/2017- Current

·         Craft and memorize vinyasa sequences for every class

·         Arrive early/ remain after class to answer all questions and concerns

·         Energetically greet all familiar and  new students

·         Guide students safely and effectively through a 45 minute sequence

·         Demo to class practices and techniques  

·         Offer hands on assists, adjustments, modifications and variations to students

·         Challenge, encourage, and congratulate students often

·         Wear appropriate and professional fitness attire at all times

·         Take into account any health problems and teach accordingly



Additional Teaching


Bring a Beginner Day Summer 2017 | Core Power Yoga, Buckhead

Bring a Beginner Day Winter 2018 | Core Power Yoga, Buckhead

Partner Teaching | Core Power Yoga, Buckhead

Partner Teaching | Core Power Yoga, Sandy Springs

Yoga Sculpt Student Teaching | Core Power Yoga, Sandy Springs

Volunteer Teaching | Various Locations, Atlanta


 Featured On:

90 Degrees by Reflex | 2016

Yoga For Climbers | 2016

Black Health Lifestyle | 2017

Colors of Yoga | 2016, 2017, 2018

Hotlanta Yoga | 2018

Black Girl Yoga | 2017, 2018

Yoga For Unity | 2018

Fit Freaks Worldwide | 2018

Yogaliscious | 2019





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