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So I thought no one was reading my little cheesy blogs, figured it wouldn't kill that I skipped a few over Memorial day weekend.. well according to my detailed activity section I should NOT skip anynmore! 

So alas, I shall update you all. : )

But do feel free to comment or something. Anyway...

Wow so many things have happened over the last few days. Let me just type out a few words first so I don't forget.

1. Reunited with the male "friend" (as my family puts it haha)

2. Jazz Festival / Apache Cafe

3. 3 job interviews

4. Shots from FND (Fashionista Next Door/my internship/start remembering that because I don't care to type it out every time)

So! This weekend was spent with my boyfriend and best friend. It was nice. I missed him so much. He wants to be all exceptional and what not at school getting nominated and invited to leadership conferences and such.. *sigh* what to do with an intelligent, motivated boyfriend.. (I'm joking of course. The answer is you love him. haha)

So here we are at piedmont park for the jazz festival. They had some DELICIOUS (No food and I got a huge 32 oz cup of SUPER fresh, SUPER cold, SUPER refreshing and SUPER delicious strawberry lemonade! And it was pretty too. :) (Behold deliciousness below)

After that he and I went to the Apache cafe which if you have not experienced that place, YOU MUST. Talent lives in there and is waiting to be discovered. Plus they have great Jamaican jerk wings that fall off the bone and they must put drugs on the friends because that seasoning was JAMMIN! (Disclaimer: I participate in no substance abuse at all whatsoever, I merely HAD to describe how delicious those french fries were.)

Anyway, my friend performed and so we went to support. We ended up having such a wonderful time. I LOVE APACHE CAFE!!

Lastlyyyy... God sent me 2 blessings this afternoon! I have interviews at two more places plus my second interview at a prior place tomorrow! I was praying for one, crossing my fingers for two but it looks like He wanted to show me what He's made of!

*steps back and puts hands up*

Well let the Good Lord work! I'll just put in the effort. :D :D Thank God, I'm so excited. Lets hope I get two of them!

2013-05-26 17.32.08.jpg
2013-05-26 18.51.28.jpg