*mini dance* Miss Arianna Elizabeth got asked back for a second interviewwww yayy :)

I praying that this is the beginning of my "light at the end of the tunnel".. My goal is to have a car in the next 4 months max. Whether it be paid off or not, at least have it and be able to make payments on it. Can't have a home before a car right? 

Anyway, Friday is also PAYDAY! Well, not really "payday" but "gas money day." So now I can drive around nowhere with the money I don't have to buy nothing. (That's how I have to phrase it so I don't dip into my savings.)

Well anywayyy (once again) since I like to try to have a photo of some sort each night to keep the millions of viewers( I don't have) interested in coming back, here is something I pulled up from an old folder I thought it was kind of funny. It is a self portrait I drew of myself in college. :P 

Look, no one said I was a pencil and graphite artist, which is why I stick to my good ole cam cam... haha.. enjoy.

Scott, Self Portrait, Graphite, 17 by 24 inches, 2012.JPG