Every girl needs a freshen up day!

And today was mine. Hair trimmed/bangs cut and straightened, nails painted, eyebrows cleaned up and BAM I'm ready for this weekend!

Disclaimer: the photo shows me before I cut them again so no worries, they look much better than that.

WHICH consists of 2 FND (Fashionista Next Door(my internship)) shoots! I'm so excited. I really love my internship and I do hope I get the job I got the interview for so I can love everything even more haha. At this point I feel good, but I feel a little stagnant. No complaints because I am very thankful to have something productive to do so that I'm not just lounging at home HOWEVER, if money isn't coming in then the light at the end of the tunnel will remain at the end of the tunnel until further notice. SO. On that note lets hope Monday I get that call!

Anyway, I'm watching videos on how to thread your own eyebrows at the moment. I can do my own hair, and nails good enough to go to a formal event and show out so the last feminine duty I must execute is how to do my own eyebrows as clean as humanly possible. I will update that process soon enough! 

Have a good evening and a beautiful day tomorrow! :)

2013-05-17 18.57.37.jpg
2013-05-17 21.22.10.jpg