World Of Coke

Took my Nev out for his belated birthday gift to the World of Coca Cola today. It was wonderful. I love new experiences. Especially with someone that appreciates them as much as I do. So here are a few shots from today : ) I highly encourage anyone in the Atlanta area to visit the World of Coke! Its very informative and of course, FUN! Tasting all the Coke products from different countries was amazing. Some were delicious, some not so fantastic. At all. But the experience is priceless. 

Well thats all for tonight!

2013-05-15 16.33.16.jpg
2013-05-15 16.41.45.jpg
2013-05-15 16.54.42.jpg
2013-05-15 16.59.16.jpg
2013-05-15 17.58.53.jpg
2013-05-15 17.39.39.jpg