Well today was eventful : )

I had a wonderful day! Takira and I went to the Arnika Dawkins gallery and had a wonderful experience. I couldn't have chosen a better accomplice lol. It's really nice when someone just "gets" you and beats you to your thoughts. Especially when they are detailed and a little "different" haha. Anyway, she knew of a sushi place (which we both love) near Little 5 Points and they served DOLLAR sushi!  YUM. I spent more $$ than I expected to but it was worth it and DELICIOUS.

I'm very excited to see what the rest of m life holds. I'm so proud to have graduated and I feel as though I have opened another door to some miraculous lifestyle that with some more work is very possible to live in. Thank GOD and thank God for my family.

Tomorrow is my sister's graduation and then Sunday I meet with Eboni, who is a fashion blogger and the lady who liked my internship application!