The good stuff is coming soon

I promise haha.. I know you all (if anyone is even reading these) are wondering when I'm going to stop posting photos of myself and my life and post photos of me shooting beautiful models in downtown atlanta.. well look. When I FIND some you will want to come to this blog every night haha. Promise.

Just give me a little time. Moving to back to Atlanta from my abundance of willing and wanting volunteers at Valdosta Safezone College ain't all that easy. Now I have to find real people with real lives. Not just college people with all the same schedules and lives quarters.

So hold tight. ; )

Until then, let me introduce you to my boyfriend of almost 4 years. :) His name will remain anonymous since I am now transitioning to the real world, but I just felt the need to show you all how amazing my support system is. Well, a hefty piece of it at least. *sigh* That's my sweetie pie. Tall, dark and handsome with a clean cut and plenty of manners. His mother raised him RIGHT. : )

Goodnight everyone!