Nothing special.

Just went out with the bestie today to get her absolutely gorgeous Bebe graduation dress and some super cute shoes to go with it. (I'll post pictures on Saturday. I promise no one else will have that dress even if it comes down to simply not paying that amount of money for it.)

Lets see... I meet with the lady I will hopefully for sure be interning for on Sundayyy so thats more than exciting and...

I found a new client today while shoe shopping! She worked at the shoe store and I mentioned that I did photography which was perfect because it turned out that she has been realllly wanting someone to take photos of her 4 month old son and her so BAM I will be doing that soon hopefully. : )  

1st photo: Me wanting to buy shoes that cost $169.00 more than I could afford and

2nd photo: Me looking like a nerd with my bestfriend/sister haha.