Well, I'm an Alumni now.

It feels weird.

Amazing, reliving, scary, exciting... I really don't know how I should feel to be honest. 

I mean, I know of course everyone is happy for me and clearly its a wonderful occasion and all, but occasions like this aren't felt until a reason for me to feel it approaches. For example when the remainder of my peers (including my handsome guy in the picture below) goes back to school after summer break. I'll feel it then. When everyone is getting up to register for classes, I won't be. When they tell me about their class assignment and I tell them about my career assignment, I'll probably feel it. Until then, I'll just...keep working. On something.

1. Yoga. : I've been wanting to do continuous yoga classes for the longest. And I finally will have some time to get the elasticity in my body back to how it was when I was in gymnastics. Thank God. My body is cravinggg the mental and physical peace . This is LONG over due.

2. More shooting. : I need to find some volunteers. Someone/ persons who want to walk around all day and just model for me. I know how quickly I can creep up on insanity when I don't shoot for a certain period of time. Lets hope someone offers. Soon.

3. Church. : Starting next Sunday, I will be going. Every Sunday. No excuses. I need the spiritual healing badly. I truly don't know what my body is craving more. To be limber again or to speak to Him daily again. Either way I need Him. Don't get me wrong, I speak to Him and He responds every time, but I need more. Of something. And I'm assuming its Him.

That's all I have for tonight. Hopefully my first post didn't drive you insane at how boring it may have been. I'm sure my alumni life will get more exciting. God has a way of bringing about the unimaginable. Every time.