MPG Spring '19 FIESTA+ MACRAME Sets are HERE!

Honestly, I can deal with a ‘so-so’ design if the quality is bangin’ when it come to my athletic wear. Even if the print or patterns are eh.. I will wear them till the threads unwind if they fit me right and hold me tight. The FIT seems to be such a challenge to find these days! My body type isn’t even that unique (fairly slim-ish, small waist, more meat in the thigh area) but for some reason so many leggings don’t come all the way up to the waist, or if they do, the waist has space in it OR the leg area is way too tight. I also run into the "‘ I can see every crack and crevice because these leggings are about as thin as rice paper’ issue too. #tooannoying.

It leaves me to stick with what I know which typically ends up being the same 2 brands. But I need more variety in my life please!

That’s why when MPG Modetta reached out to me to try out their new Spring 2019 line I was hoping and praying that I could just get something that fit me right. Sike! I got the fit AND a BOMB style!

I mean like really. Look at how rich the colors are. And the material is so thick and snug I could have just ate at Waffle House and you would’ve never known. Slick, I might have had their 2 egg breakfast in these shots haha. #guilty

Goddess Pose Approved. their high waist is a GENUINE high waste that not only has thick quality material made to stay up, but they even incorporated a thin tie up string beautifully disguised withing the seam that you can pull and tie to keep it even more put. ( Sorry for not including close up shots of that amazingness) Because of the quality factor, I rally didn’t need the extra tie but I applaud them for that small but wise touch making their outfits THAT much more versatile for ALL body types. *inserts applause special effect sound here*

I was also gifted with the Fiesta Tri-Color Top and Glider Metallic leggings as well as the Carmin 2.0 Mesh Panel Medium Support Bra, The Runaway 7/8 Color Block, Metallic Panel Legging and the Revitalize Signature High Waisted legging in Olive green ( FAVE COLOR) … (quite the generous company I might add!!) LOVE this yellow pop, particularly on my lil brown skin :-) I never wear yellow but their colors are so far from cheapy cheapy looking. So RICH and VIBRANT no matter what color!


What are your favorite MPG looks? No lie, I’m only a little bit slightly obsessed with them at this point! #mpg #lifeinmotion